Hollie Cook

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Hollie Cook (born 1987, West London, England) is a British singer and keyboardist. She was a part of the last line-up of all-female punk/reggae band The Slits. From 2010, Cook has also had a career as solo artist working with producer / songwriter Prince Fatty. In 2011 she released her first and self-titled reggae album Hollie Cook. She calls her own music \"tropical pop\", and has a passion for reggae and female rocksteady / reggae singers, such as Janet Kay and Phyllis Dillon, combined with classic 1960s girl groups.
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Hollie Cook - Vessel Of Love (2018)
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01. Angel Fire

02. Stay Alive

03. Survive

04. Ghostly Fading

05. Freefalling

06. Lunar Addiction

07. Turn It Around

08. Vessel of Love

09. Together

10. Far from Me


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