The Bluebeaters

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Giuliano Palma and the Bluebeaters are a rising cover band in Italy and perform a mix of reggae, ska and rocksteady. Formed in 1994, the Bluebeaters comprises musicians of the Italian groups Casino Royale (Giuliano Palma, Ferdinando Masi, Patrick Benifei), of Africa Unite (Bunna, Paolo Parpaglione, Cato Senatore) and of the Fratelli di Soledad (Zorro).At the end of 2012, the singer Giuliano Palma left the band to pursue his solo career. In September 2013 original band members (with Pat Cosmo on vocals) reunited as The Bluebeaters for a concert in Turin (Italy).In 2014, The Bluebeaters did the first tour \'ReTOURn\' which celebrated the band\'s comeback.On April, 13, 2015, the band released the new album \"Everybody Knows\", it was anticipated by the single \"Roll With It\".


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01. Somebody Has Stolen My Girl02. Hungry Heart03. True Confession04. Roll With It 05. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere06. The Model 07. Catch That Teardrop08. Girlfriend In A Coma09. Glad10. Teenage Kicks11. Toxic (one drop version)12. I Don\'t Know13. End Titles14. La Mia Geisha

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